The Distinguished Speaker Series

of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Our Mission: Mentor Future Leaders of New Technologies.

The Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering welcomes researchers and leaders from industry and academia who are eager to inspire upcoming leaders in new technologies. We believe that the exchange of ideas and collaboration has the power to make science fiction a reality and positively impact Society.

Purpose and Strategy

The ECE Speaker Series Program aims to support the ECE Department and S&T community by:

  1. Introducing interesting and engaging speakers to the campus community,
  2. Facilitating opportunities to establish collaborations with researchers across campus and universities,
  3. Improving the department and University visibility through strategic leadership and research meetings with relevant members of the S&T community.


The committee should arrange for 4-6 invited speakers per academic year (AY). In principle, this is one per month (6 total) in September, October, November, February, March, and April of any given AY.

 The speakers cohort will ideally consist of:

  • 2 Speakers from existing programs including the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Programs,
  • 2 Speakers who are considered experts in their field of research,
  • 2 Speakers who are strategically invited such as an Academy Member, a Program Manager, a Department Chair, a recent (2-3 years) CAREER winner, etc.

Planning Committee

The DSS Committee consists of two co-chairing Associate Professors with a varying number of assistant members. Membership will be on a rotating basis for a two-year term. Committee Co-Chairs will oversee the Program operations, while the associate members will assist with the speaker schedule organization, lab tours, social events, etc.


Current Committee Membership

Dr. Kristen Donnell

Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Maciej Zawodniok

Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Ahmad Alsharoa

Associate Member

Dr. Jiangfan Zhang

Associate Member