Staff Directory

Jeff Birt

Engineer I


Machining, 3D Printing; testbed development; project consultation.

Norma-Gene Cottrell

Academic Advisor


Advises and provides support to current and prospective students in ECE programs. Assists students with a variety of academic issues, non-academic issues, and refers students for addtional campus resources. Processes all undergraduate forms in and out of the advising office, sends welcome emails, and assigns advisors to students in JoeSS.

Yuri Go

Program/Project Support Coordinator


CEMC business management

EMC Laboratory finance, budget, travel authorizations, reimbursements, and voucher processing

CEMC project set-up and renewal

EMC administrative & meeting management

Kevin Hasner

Sr. Electronics Technician


Maintain undergraduate labs; assist senior design students with projects and purchasing lab stock; purchasing inventory control; faculty purchasing; keys for department

Shiva Heydari

Senior Communications Assistant

Carol Lay

Office Support Assistant II


Travel and expenses; credit cards; permission numbers; exam proctor; schedule department visits

Cherie' Lewis

ECE Graduate Student Office Support Assistant IV


ECE Graduate Chair support & point of contact for all graduates.

Joni Matlock

Finance and Accounting Specialist


Manage department operating accounts and grants

Rhonda Sherman

Business Support Specialist II


Faculty and staff hiring and courtesy appointments; payroll

Sarah Sullivan

Department Chair Office Support Assistant IV


Support ECE department chair; ECE department course offerings and teaching schedules; faculty promotion and tenure; administrative support to Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and ECE student hiring.


Jerry Tichenor

Research Technical Engineering


Maintain undergraduate labs; assist with faculty/graduate research projects; inventory control; lab stock purchasing; faculty purchasing; keys for department

Roger Younger

Supervisor IT


Provide assistance on microcontroller based projects to students; faculty and staff; Teach CpE5151 Digital Systems Design Lab and CpE5160 Embedded Systems Design as needed; provide assistance with computer engineering summer camps; maintain Microcontroller Lab (210 EECH); provide support as needed to computer engineering labs.