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Study electrical or computer engineering

A degree in electrical or computer engineering can lead to a rewarding career in an ever growing market for technical skills. Explore the possibilities in electrical and computer engineering at Missouri S&T.

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) on a desk with two students working in the background.

Become an electrical engineer

Electrical and computer engineers are responsible for many of the technologies that drive our modern society.

They work in power and renewable energy, electronics, factory automation, wireless communication, antennas and radars, instrumentation, automatic control of cyberphysical systems, optics, computer hardware, machines and
drives, and much more.

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Become a computer engineer

Computer engineers work with both hardware and software.

They build the integrated circuits that form the basis of these computers. Computer engineers use these circuits to build bigger systems like a desktop computer or smart phone; ensure security and reliability of both hardware and software; build embedded systems where software works with hardware to manipulate the physical world; create computer networks; and build intelligent computer systems.

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