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The primary role of a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department is teaching of undergraduate laboratory classes. Occasionally, experienced Teaching Assistants will be chosen to teach an undergraduate lecture course. The primary laboratory classes taught by Teaching Assistants are CpE2211, CpE3151, EE2101, EE2201, EE3101, EE3321, EE3431, EE3501, and EE3541.

Candidates for Teaching Assistant in the ECE Department must be majoring in Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Engineering. Preference in hiring is given to Ph.D. candidates followed by Master’s degree students who are pursuing the thesis option and then non-thesis master’s students. Individual laboratory coordinators’ recommendations are given preference if scheduling permits, and the student meets other requirements. Undergraduate students may be hired if recommended by the coordinator for that laboratory. Students must be in good academic standing and making progress towards their degree.

  1. Can I request to teach a particular lab course or section?
    • Yes. However, scheduling conflicts often make such requests impossible to fulfill.
  2. Will all the lab sections I am assigned to teach, be for the same course?
    • Maybe. Usually, TAs have sections from one or two different lab courses which they are assigned to teach. Rarely, a TA would be assigned to teach sections from three different lab courses.


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