Factory Automation

Factory automation involves controlling a process that manufactures products, such as food, beverages, chemicals, petro-chemicals, steel, aluminum, tires, automobiles and semiconductors. This area is currently focused on research in the security of automation systems and in the simulation of the process.

The threat of a cybersecurity attack to an industrial control system has become more prominent in recent years. An attack on a German steel mill and an Iranian nuclear enrichment facility are two well-known cases of cybersecurity attacks on programmable logic controller (PLC) systems that  led to significant damage. Current work involves identifying specific threats and recommending ways to reduce/eliminate the threats.

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Kelvin Erickson
Dr. Kelvin Erickson

Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, EE Undergraduate Coordinator

Research Interests

Control Systems, Factory Automation, Programmable Logic Controllers, Advanced Process Control