Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the study of the effects of electromagnetic radiation on and from electronic devices. EMC issues can decrease reliability, increase cost and delay development schedules of modern electronic systems. Researchers work on a wide range of topics for government and industry; the goal of developing the knowledge base, people and tools is to solve the EMC challenges of today and address the EMC challenges of the future.

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Interested in discussing the research we are working on or learning more? Visit our lab website, http://emclab.mst.edu/, or please contact:

Daryl Beetner
Dr. Daryl Beetner

Director of Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

Chulsoon Hwang
Dr. Chulsoon Hwang

Assistant Professor

Victor Khilkevich
Dr. Victor Khilkevich

Associate Professor, EMC Laboratory

Dr. Bill Kim

Assistant Professor