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Dr. Cheng-Hsiao Wu


Electrical Engineering


Dr. Cheng-Hsiao Wu is one of the very few scientists daring to show the fundamental flaws of using "qubits" (the Bible) for quantum computing. Dr. Cheng-Hsiao Wu is the first person to show the phase-computing nature of quantum computing at the fundamental level, and this brings our understanding of the nature of "time" (and time crystals) to a totally different level. Nonlocal theory also brings out the non-Euclidean "rule-based" science, as Sir Isaac Newton/Gottfried Leibniz developed the Calculus and Differential equations of the "local" approach for our science and engineering in the past 360 years. Now, this is changing as quantum parallel computing is being investigated. A new era is coming with the non-local theory of science, and Dr. Cheng-Hsiao Wu is a pioneer in that field by showing what kind of quantum computing one gets from an entangled chain of atoms. (Please see Selected Publication #1)

Selected Publications

  • C.H. Wu, "Entanglement and Quantum Teleportation Conditions from Nonlocal Quantum Computing Theory", Quantum Information and Computation,23,13-14, P.1119-1127(2023).
  • C.H. Wu and Andrew Van Horn, "Nonlocal quantum computing theory and Poincare cycle in spherical states." Int. J. Quantum Information,2150027(2021)h.
  • C.H. Wu and G. Mahler, "Quantum Network Theory of Transport with Application to Generalized Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Metals and Semiconductors," Phys. Rev.15,435012(1991).
  • C.A. Cain and C.H. Wu, "Thevenin equivalence in disorederless quantum networks", J. Applied Physics,117,024308(2015).
  • C.H. Wu, "Minimum Probability of Electron-Hole Generation by Blackbody Radiation", J. Applied Physics158,575(1983).

   Selected Awards

  • Patent Award together with his student, Casey Cain, on a quantum computing processor, US patent #8,525,544, Sept. 2013
  • Outstanding Referee for the Journals in American Physical Society, 2010.
  • Outstanding Referee from American Physical Society 2002.

Research Interests:

Nonlocal Quantum Parallel Computing Theory; Time crystals, Quantum teleportation; Discrete time and perpetual motion; New kind of science and origin of life.




  • PhD in Physics, University of Rochester
  • MS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Rochester
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University