Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

What will I be studying?

Electrical Engineers are involved in channeling natural resources into uses for society such as heating, lighting, home appliances, consumer products, computing, sensing, control, and communication. They contribute to systems and devices for power, instrumentation, measurement, communication, management, manufacturing, transportation, etc. They are primarily concerned with the processes of generation, transmission, transformation, control, and utilization of energy or information. << more information>>

Computer Engineering is one of the fastest growing branches of Engineering and the most rapidly changing. Computer engineers are trained to work with the entire computing system - including both hardware and software - and take many courses in electrical engineering and computer science as well as Computer Engineering. Computer engineers work with embedded systems (computer systems that are embedded in products like your car), integrated circuit design, computer architecture and system design, computer security, computer networking, computational intelligence, software development, and much more. The Missouri S&T program in Computer Engineering includes fundamental material on computers and computer systems and current applications that make Missouri S&T graduates attractive to companies who build and use hardware/software computer systems. This is a dynamic field with great opportunities and exciting challenges. It is a field where lifelong learning is a necessity, since the field is constantly changing. Computer Engineers must learn new technology, computer languages and operating systems constantly to keep abreast of their field. For the successful student, the rewards are great. << more information>>


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