Staff Directory

Jeff Birt

Engineer I


Machining, 3D Printing; testbed development; project consultation.

Megan Fowler

Office Support Assistant IV


Support ECE department chair; point of contact for undergraduate and graduate students; graduate admissions, inquiries and funding offers; ECE department course offerings and teaching schedules; organize PhD Qualifying Exam, ECE Final Exams and Advancement Exams for Community Colleges; department tours and visits; GTA workshop registration; ECE web editor; MinerBytes; faculty recruitment; faculty promotion and tenure

Lorrie Hall

Office Support Assistant III


Building security; faculty support (Pcard, Procurement & Non-PO Vouchers); keys for EMC Lab; maintain Photo Wall, staff and student directory; order office and lab supplies for EMC; organize IAB/Consortium meetings; reconciliation of One Card charges for all EMC related cards; requisitions; volunteer recruitment; wire transfers.

Kevin Hasner

Sr. Electronics Technician


Maintain undergraduate labs; assist senior design students with projects and purchasing lab stock; purchasing inventory control.

Carol Lay

Office Support Assistant II


Travel and expenses; credit cards; keys; Non-PO vouchers; Exam Proctor

Joni Matlock

Business Support Specialist II


Manage department operating accounts and grants; process staff and student payroll; provide administrative support to Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering; manage department administrative staff.

Jerry Tichenor

Research Technical Engineering


Maintain undergraduate labs; assist with faculty/graduate research projects; inventory control; lab stock purchasing.

Debbie Watkins

Office Support Assistant IV


Assistant to business support specialist II; maintain department accounts; balance bi-weekly/monthly payroll reports; process deposits.

Roger Younger

Supervisor IT


Provide assistance on microcontroller based projects to students; faculty and staff; Teach CpE5151 Digital Systems Design Lab and CpE5160 Embedded Systems Design as needed; provide assistance with computer engineering summer camps; maintain Microcontroller Lab (210 EECH); provide support as needed to computer engineering labs.