Mission and Objectives

Educational Mission

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department strives to contribute to the state, nation and world through the education of outstanding professionals and leaders in engineering. Our educational focus is on a broad, rigorous education in all areas of electrical and computer engineering and offer  significant hands-on experiences. The program will provide students with an understanding of engineering problem-solving at all levels and an appreciation for engineering as a profession.


Technical competency: Graduates will have a sound knowledge of the fundamentals in electrical or computer engineering that allow them to analyze and solve technical problems, to apply hardware and software tools, to create and evaluate technical products, to learn independently, and to succeed in the workplace and in graduate school.

Engineering perspective: Graduates will be capable of understanding complex projects, including the evolution and abstraction and the optimization of associated decisions and risk, both locally and globally.

Professional skills and knowledge: Graduates will have the ability to communicate well in oral and written form, to interact in teams, to manage and lead technical projects, to manage their career, and to conduct themselves with an understanding of ethics, economics and intellectual property.