ECE Teaching Committee

The ECE Teaching Committee will provide confidential assistance to any instructor (tenure-track, non-tenure-track, or advanced graduate student) who seeks to improve. The Teaching Committee will focus on content-oriented or curriculum-specific issues and leverage existing programs on campus that focus on delivery, such as the Teaching Partners Program and Mid Semester Feedback supported by EdTech and CERTI.

The process is entirely voluntary, and feedback is provided only to the instructor, who may use it as they see fit. When an instructor approaches the Teaching Committee for assistance, the committee and instructor will together determine whether the issue is better addressed by EdTech or CERTI programs. For content-oriented issues, the Teaching Committee will consider any information or materials provided by the instructor, such as assignments, exams, and teaching evaluations, in determining a plan for improvement.


For more information contact one of the committee members:

                Dr. Theresa Swift (chair)
                Dr. Jonathan Kimball       
                Dr. Kurt Kosbar                
                Dr. R. Joe Stanley