Ian Ferguson


Electrical Engineering

Ian Ferguson is currently a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering prior to this he had leadership positions in both academia and industry.  His research expertise focuses on the growth of compound semiconductors materials and devices and as an international educator and researcher he has had active collaborations in the US, Europe, and Asia.  He has haa been actively involved in the entrepreneurial process of establishing new companies and co-founded a business incubator to support local area economic development.

Journal Publications

  •  G Tosini, I Ferguson, K Tsubota, “Effects of blue light on the circadian system and eye physiology”, Molecular Vision  22  (2016) 61-72
  • Z Liu, X Yi, Z Yu, G Yuan, Y Liu, J Wang, J Li, N Lu, I Ferguson, Y Zhang, “Impurity Resonant States p-type Doping in Wide-Band-Gap Nitrides”, Scientific reports 6, (2016), 19537-
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  • E. H. Park, J. Jang, S. Gupta, I. Ferguson, C. H. Kim, S. K. Jeon, and J.S. Park, “Air-voids embedded high efficiency InGaN-light emitting diode”, Applied Physics Letters, 93, (2008) pp. 191103-191106
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  • P. Kung, A. Saxler, X. Zhang, I. T. Ferguson and M. Razeghi, “High Quality AlN and GaN Epilayers Grown on (0001) Sapphire, (100) and (111) Silicon Substrates”, Applied Physics Letters, 66, (1995) pp. 2958-2961
  • P. D. Wang, S. N. Holmes, L. Tan, R. A.  Stradling, I. T. Ferguson and A. G. d'Oliveira, “Electrical and Magneto-Optical Studies of MBE InAs on GaAs”, Semiconductor Science and Technology, 7, (1992) pp. 767-781

Conference Articles

  • M. Kane, C. Wetzel, J. Juang and I. T. Ferguson, “Twelfth International Conference on Solid State Lighting and the Fourth International Conference on White LEDs and Solid State Lighting”, Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8484 (2012)


  •  V. Dierolf, I. Ferguson and J. Zavada, “Rare Earth and Transition Metal Doping of Semiconductor Materials: Synthesis, magnetic properties and room temperature spintronics, Published by Woodhead Publishing, 470 Pages, February 2016 ISBN : 9780081000410)

 Book Chapters

  • E. A. Burgett, E. N. Hurwitz, N. E. Hertel, C. J. Summers, J. Nause, N. Lu and I. T. Ferguson, “Growth of ZnO for Neutron Detectors’, Handbook of Zinc Oxide and Related Materials: Volume 2 – Devices and Nano-Engineering, Z.C. FENG (Ed.), Published by CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group; pp. 435-483

Selected patents

  • DZ Garbuzov, JC Connolly, RF Karlicek, IT Ferguson, “Method and Apparatus for Performing Wavelength-conversion using Phosphors with Light Emitting Diodes”, US Patent 6,404,125
  • I Ferguson, A Gurary, M Spencer, “Apparatus for Growing Epitaxial Layers on Wafers by Chemical Vapor Deposition”, US Patent 6,547,876
  • JE Nause, EA Burgett, NE Hertel, I Ferguson, “Thin Film Doped ZnO Neutron Detector”, US Patent 20,130,075,718

Selected Awards

  •  Awarded the 2008 Faculty Fellow in the Sam Nunn Security Program, based in the Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy at Georgia Tech as part of the MacArthur Foundation’s Science, Technology and Security Initiative.
  • Fellow International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE); Class of 2009.
  • Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE); Class of 2010.
  • A recent article, “Development of free-standing InGaN LED devices on Al2O3/Si substrate by wet etching”, in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 44, 224014 (2011) was in the top 10% of all articles downloaded across all IOP journals within three months of being published.
  • Selected by the Charlotte Business Journal for ‘General Excellence in Sustainable Leadership’ in the 2011 Sustainable Business Awards for the work as the co-founder and Chairman of the Board for PiES: Project for innovation, Energy and Sustainability.  A green business incubator whose mission includes; incubation, education and networking.
  • Fellow of Institute of Physics (FInstP); Class of 2011.

Research Interests:

Expertise in III-Nitrides (GaN, InN and AlN), ZnO, InSb, InAs and other materials; LEDS for illumination and solid state lighting; Solar cells, and other detectors (UV, Neutron); Spintronics; Entrepreneurship; Engineering education



  • PhD in Compound Semiconductors, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 1989
  • M.S. in Optoelectronics, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 1989
  • B.S. in Physics (Honors), Heriot Watt University, Scotland, 1984