Cheng-Hsiao Wu


Electrical Engineering

Journal Articles

  • Casey Cain and C.H. Wu, “Thevenin equivalence in disorderless quantum networks” , Journal of Applied Physics. 2015
  • C.H. Wu and C.A. Cain, “ A non-qubit quantum adder as one-dimensional cellular automaton”, Physica E 59, 243 2014
  • C.H. Wu, “On Addition-Rule Based Cellular Automata”, J. of Cellular Automata 9,271 2014
  • C.H. Wu, “On the Fundamental Flaws of Qubit Concept for General-Purpose Quantum Computing’ International  J. Engr. Sci. Invention. 3,59 2014
  • C.A. Cain and C.H. Wu, “Quantum Network Theory of Computing with respect to Entangled Spins and External Perturbation”, J. Applied Physics, 113,154309, 2013
  • C.H. Wu , L. Tran and C. A. Cain, “ Scaling Relations and the role of Bond - charge to theElectron Transmission through two Coupled Aharonov - Bohm Rings”, J. Applied Physics, 111, 094304, 2012

 Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Qubits or Symbolic Substitutions for General-purpose Quantum Computing” , IEEE Conference Proceeding. International Conference on Information Technology- New Generation. April ,2015
  • American Physical Society meeting,  “ Are Qubits Fundamentally Flawed for General-purpose Quantum Computing?”  March  2015

  Selected Awards

  • Patent Award together with his student, Casey Cain, on a quantum computing processor, US patent #8,525,544, Sept. 2013
  • Outstanding Referee for the Journals in American Physical Society, 2010

Research Interests:

Quantum computing and cellular automata; Quantum resistor network theory; Mesoscopic devices and molecular electronics; Optical/wave computing; Simulation of amorphous silicon thin-film transistors and solar cells; Dlts and optical dlts measurements in mos devices; Algaas/gaas quantum well lasers and cds diodes; Conduction in heterojunctions; Measurement of radiation and high temperature effects of mosfets; Random walk theory and applications; Surface and interface properties of materials; Dielectric breakdown simulation; Charge transport in composite and disordered materials; Ic fabrication and processing for teaching purposes; Dram and sram test structures; Failure mode analysis



  • Ph.D. in Physics, University of Rochester, 1972
  • M.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Rochester, 1967
  • B.S in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University, 1961-1965