Bijaya Shrestha

Associate Teaching Professor

Selected Peer-reviewed publications

  • M. E. Bresnahan and B. Shrestha, “Potential shielding for a positron emission tomography (PET) suite” - Journal of Biomedical Graphics and Computing, June 2012, Vol. 2, No. 1
  • A. Dalal, R.H. Moss, R.J. Stanley, W.V. Stoecker, K.  Gupta, D. A. Calcara, J. Xu, B. Shrestha, R. Drugge, J.M. Malters, L.A. Perry, “Concentric Decile Segmentation of White and Hypopigmented Areas in Dermoscopy Images of Skin Lesions Allows Discrimination of Malignant Melanoma,” Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 35(2011) 148-154.
  • W.V. Stoecker, M. Wronkiewiecz, R. Chowdhury, R. J. Stanley, J. Xu, A. Bangert, B. Shrestha, D. A. Calcara, H. S. Rabinovitz, M. Olivero, F. Ahmed, L. A. Perry, R. Drugge, “Detection of Granularity in Dermoscopy Images of Malignant Melanoma Using Color and Texture Features,” Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 35(2011) 144-147
  • B. Shrestha, J. Bishop, K. Kam, X. Chen, R.H. Moss, W.V. Stoecker, S. Umbaugh, R. J. Stanley, M. E. Celebi, A.A. Mahrgoob, G. Argenziano, H.P. Soyer, “Detection of atypical texture features in early malignant melanoma,” Skin Research and Technology, 2010; 16: 60-65
  • W.V. Stoecker, K. Gupta, B. Shrestha, M. Wronkiewiecz, R. Chowdhury, R. J. Stanley, J. Xu, R.H. Moss, M. E. Celebi, H. S. Rabinovitz, M. Oliviero, J. M. Malters, I. Kolm, “Detection of basal cell carcinoma using color and histogram measures of semitranslucent areas,” Skin Research and Technology, 2009; 15: 283-287
  • W.V. Stoecker, K. Gupta, R. J. Stanley, R.H. Moss, B. Shrestha, “Detection of asymmetric blotches (asymmetric Structureless areas) in dermoscopy images of malignant melanoma using relative color,” Skin Research and Technology, 2005; 11: 179-184

Selected relevant publications

  • W.V. Stoecker, S. Stricklin, E. Black, R.H. Moss, R.J. Stanley, B. Shrestha. “Skin Scan Digital Dermoscopy Skin Cancer Training Software,” Life Science Conference, University of Missouri Kansas City, 2010. 
  • W.V. Stoecker , R.J. Stanley, A. Khan, R.H. Moss, B. Shrestha.  “Fuzzy Logic Applied to Discrimination of Melanoma in situ vs. Dysplastic Nevi.,” Dermatology 2006; 212:294-295. 
  • X. Chen, R. H. Moss, W.V. Stoecker, S. E. Umbaugh, R. J. Stanley, B. Shrestha,  “A Watershed-based Approach to Skin Lesion Border Segmentation”, Poster P-275 6th World Congress on Melanoma, Vancouver, Canada, Sep 6-10, 2005
  • X. Chen, R. H. Moss, W.V. Stoecker, T. Lee, R. J. Stanley, B. Shrestha, D. McLean “Software Improvements in Hair Detection using Dull razor”, Poster P-238 6th World Congress on Melanoma, Vancouver, Canada, Sep 6-10, 2005
  • B. Shrestha and A. Shrestha, “Monte Carlo Simulation of Photon Transport in an Egg in a Postulated Irradiation Procedure,” Jour. Rad. Prot. Mgmt., 1999, 16: 35-40.
  • N. Tsoulfanidis and B. Shrestha, “Photon Dose Equivalent Rate from a Cylindrical Source using a Point Kernel Technique,” Jour. Health Physics, 1997, 722: 931-935.              
  • N. Tsoulfanidis and B. Shrestha, “Geometry Factors used for the Calculation of Gamma Dose received by Various Organs of a Human Phantom,” Jour. Rad. Prot. Mgmt., 1995, 12: 56-66.
  • B. Shrestha and N. Tsoulfanidis, “Gamma Dose received by Internal Organs and the Fetus from External Gamma Sources, Calculated with the MCNP Code,” Jour. Rad. Prot. Mgmt., 1995, 12: 21-40.
  • N. Tsoulfanidis and B. Shrestha, “Gamma Dose from a Cylindrical Source Obtained by Point Kernel and MCNP”, Trans. Amer. Nuclear Society, 1994, TANSAO 71: 411.

Authored Book

  • Campus Physics, 1980 – Ratna Pustak Bhandar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Selected Awards

  • Faculty Achievement Award
  • Outstanding Professor Award from the Eta Kappa chapter of Chi Omega
  • Fulbright Scholarship Recipient
  • Senior Member, IEEE

Research Interests:

Photon transport in semiconductors; Statistical physics; Monte Carlo techniques; Neutral particle transport algorithm development; Neutronics and Photonics; Medical applications; Computer vision and Image processing; Feature extraction and identification



  • Ph.D. University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla MO, 1995
  • M.Sc. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal, 1978
  • B.Sc. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal, 1974