Electrical and Computer Engineering Laboratories


Introduction to Computer Engineering


Fall 2014 TA/Teaching Assistant List


CpE 2211/112 Computer Engineering Lab


    A  FPGA Board I/Os:  Switches, LEDs, and 7-Segment Displays

    B  Sample Schematic Diagram

    C  Specification Sheets for Common Chips


     1   Laboratory Equipment  

    2   Schematic Capture and Logic Simulation (EDA-1)

    3   Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays and Logic

    4   Seven Segment Decoder Design

    5   Hardware Verification of Seven Segment Decoder

    6   SSI Combinational Logic Design:  A Multi-Function Gate

    7   Hierarchical Design of a Four Bit Adder (EDA-2)

    8   Design and Simulation of a 4-Bit Ripple-Carry Adder Using Four Full Adders in VHDL

    9   Random Access Memory for Combinational Logic

   10 CpE112_lab10.pdf

   11 CpE112_lab11.pdf

   12 General Sequence Counter

   13  SSI Sequential Logic Design:  General Sequence Counter


CpE 3151/214 Digital Engineering Lab II

Safety Lab Manual


     A Using Schematic Capture with Altera Quartus-II

     B   Binary to Seven Segment Decoder

     C   Using Keil Micro-vision Software

     D   ALTERA – DE2 User Manual

     E   HD44780U (LCD-II)

     F   The Simon Board



    2 Hardware/Software Co-design with the Wimp51

    3 Implementing Functions with the Simon Board

    4 Interfacing the 8051 with 16-bit Address-Latched External Devices

    5 Using Random Access Memory with the 8051

    6 Interfacing a Hitachi LCD Controller with the 8051

    7 Interfacing an 8051 with the WM8731 Audio Chipset

    8 Serial Communication with the Simon Board  

Procedure for creating your ROM module for your C/ASM Code  


EE 2101/152 Circuit Analysis Lab

Introduction – Safety Lab Manual , Lab Notebook InstructionsFormal Report Format


  1 Basic Oscilloscope Operations

  2 Analog and Digital Multimeters

  3 Resistive Networks and Computational Analysis

  4 Wheatstone Bridge

  5 Robot Kit

  6 Measurement of Capacitors

  7 RMS and Average Values

  8 Capacitor Current-Voltage Relationship

  9 Inductor Current-Voltage Relationship

 10 Transient Analysis Using Pspice



EE 2201/122 Electronic Devices Lab

Safety Lab Manual


    1 Introduction to MATLAB Simulink and Simulink Resistor Simulations

    2 PLECS RC, RL, and RLC Simulations

    3 Using PLECS to Simulate Diode Circuits

    4 Examining the Characteristics of Diodes

    5 Characterization and Use of Bipolar Junction Transistors

     ‌6Characterization and Use of Field Effect Transistors for Digital Applications

    7 ‌Properties of the Operational Amplifier

    8 Introduction to Active Filters

Touch Switch Project Manual


Project Simulation


 EE 3101/255 Electronics I Lab

Safety Lab Manual


1. Resonant Circuits

2. Power Supply Design Considerations

3. The Series-Pass Voltage Regulator

4. Transistor Bias Design and Stability

5. BJT Amplifier Design and Analysis

6. Applications of Transistor Switches

7. Mosfet Amplifer Design and Analysis

8. Applications of Operational Amplifiers

9.  Applications of IC Building Blocks


EE 3401/218  Continuous Linear Systems Lab

Safety Lab Manual


    1    Signal, Spectrum and Auditory Perception

    2    Harmonic Distortion

    3    Spectrum of Noisy Signals

    4    Spectrum of Voice and Data Signals

    5    Spectrum of Random Data Signals

    6    High-Pass Filter Frequency Response

    7    AM Modulation

 Semester Project 


EE 3411/216 Discrete Linear Systems Lab





     1  MATLAB Structure and Use

     2  Continuous-Time Signal and System Models and Characteristics

     3  Superposition Integral Evaluation (Convolution Evaluation)

     4  Amplitude and Phase Spectra Bandwidth

     5  Spectra of Periodic Signals

     6  Spectra of Aperiodic Energy Signals

     7  Frequency Response

     8  Bode Plots of Frequency Response

     9  Ideal Filters

   10  Communications Signals and Systems

   11 The Laplace Transform and Control System Characteristics


EE 3501/208  Electromechanics Lab

Safety Lab Manual

Lab Equipment


 Single and Three Phase Power Measurements

 AC Excitation lab

 Single Phase Transformers

 Three Phase Transformers

 Simulation of the Electromagnetic Solenoid Using Matlab Simulink

Synchronous Machine Parameter Measurement

Synchronous Generator Line Synchronization

Induction Motor Parameter Measurement

Induction Motor Performance

11 Induction Motor Drive Performance

 DC Generator Characteristics

Permanent Magnet DC Machine Simulation in MATLAB Simulink



 EE 3541/209  Power System Design & Analysis Lab

Safety Lab Manual

G-12 Equipment


   1   Introduction to CLC MATLAB Material

   2 Power World Simulator Software; Three-Phase Power; Power Factor Correction

   3   Single- and Three-Phase Power Measurements

   4   Single Phase Transformers

   5   Three Phase Transformers

   6   Per Unit Calculations, Impedance Diagrams

   7 Synchronous Machine Parameter Measurement

   8   Synchronous Generator Line Synchronization


   12 Transmission line Voltage regulation 

   13 Buck-Boost Phase shift transformer

   14   Symmetrical Short Circuit Fault Calculation