ECE Graduate Alumni Testimonials

Tamal Paul (Engineer II, Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.)
I was lucky enough to have Dr. Kimball as my advisor during the entire time. One of the reasons why I chose Missouri S&T was that very few institutions in the nation have a full comprehensive Power Engineering curriculum as S&T does. Besides the course work, the research that gets funded by the department is also top notch. My time at Missouri S&T helped me secure a job at the largest RTO (Regional Transmission Organization) in North America. My company MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator) maintains the electric grid in 15 U.S. states and the Canadian province of Manitoba. As Engineer II working in the Seams Administration, I am primarily involved in congestion management to ensure a safe reliable, operation of the bulk power transmission system. (MS 2012 and PhD 2015, Emphasis area: Power & Energy)

Ashkan Hashemi (Intel, Inc.)
Outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art research, well-equipped laboratories and a variety of industry-demanding course offerings are the key elements that categorize the Missouri S&T ECE Department as one the best-in-class schools in the region. I chose Missouri S&T ECE and Applied Microwave Nondestructive Testing Laboratory (amntl) to pursue my Ph.D. mainly because of its top-notch research agenda, as well as the distinguished professors and faculty members. Personally, as a graduate research assistant I had a great academic experience at amntl where I gained exceptional mentorship, enjoyed being part of the lab “family” and collaborating with my graduate fellows while contributing to an original research. Last but not the least, the ECE department maintains a productive relationship with industry which makes the department well-recognized within the industry. This relationship directly benefits the students by providing them an exclusive access to leading companies, and will assist the alumni to kick off a successful career. (PhD 2016, Emphasis area: Waves & Devices)

Jamaluddin Mohammad (Electrical Engineer, Black & Veatch Holding Company)
I pursued a masters in Electrical Engineering from Missouri S&T from Jan 2014 to May 2016. One of the biggest selling points of S&T that encouraged me to apply for the graduate program is their extensive course work in Power and Controls Engineering. S&T has a wonderful research group in Power Engineering with 5 well-renowned full-time faculty concentrating in research topics like power system studies, power systems economics, power converters design & electrical machine design, etc., to name a few, which have created various funded research positions for international students like me to work on their thesis. The research and coursework at S&T has acquainted me with skills that were in demand in the industry. Through S&T’s career fair I got placed into Black & Veatch as an Electrical Engineer where I perform complete design of medium and high voltage substations. (MS 2016, Emphasis area: Power & Energy)

Viswa Anoop Nerella (Control System Engineer, Monsanto, Inc.)
I pursued MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Controls and Automation at Missouri S&T between the period of 2014 August to 2016 May. I currently work at Monsanto Company which is focused on Agriculture. My role as a Control System Engineer at Monsanto is mainly focused on designing, developing of machine automation systems and to support and upgrade the systems later as the years go forward. In this role, I work with mechanical, electrical and information technology teams. I chose Missouri S&T as my destination to do MS was because of its special focus on controls and automation. I was benefited with the infrastructure (Automation Lab) present in the university and the courses offered by Dr. Kelvin Erickson fits the industry needs and are recognized by the companies. Motion controls, process controls and PLC courses are required in automation revolution happening around the world. (MS 2016, Emphasis area: Controls & Systems)

Aditya Jayam Prabhakar (Principal Engineer, Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.)
After completing my undergrad in Hyderabad, India, I wanted to get away from busy city life, experience a college town and focus on my graduate studies. I was elated to be accepted to Missouri S&T, and Rolla felt like heaven. My years at Rolla were among the most formative years of my life. The environment offered nourishment to flourish. The graduate program lived up to its reputation: personable and invested professors, a big library, research focus, large variety of courses, curriculum that emphasizes industry trends, ample career opportunities, and more. I learned to approach every problem by asking “Why?” first, which offered me a fresh perspective on problem solving. I am currently employed as a Principal Engineer in Policy Studies with MISO, a company that oversees electrical transmission in the middle section of the U.S. The team performs strategic assessments of changing economic and policy conditions in the energy sector and help design the grid of the future. (MS 2008, Emphasis area: Power & Energy)

Md Shihab Adnan (Failure Analysis Engineer, Intel Corp.)
I am working at Intel as Failure Analysis Engineer. Prior to that, I worked as Signal Integrity Engineer at Microsoft. I was able to land in two different job positions with two prestigious companies due to research, courses and projects done during my graduate life at Missouri S&T. Missouri S&T has strong research facilities, and state-of-the art research is going on in every department to strengthen inter- departmental research collaboration and to meet industry’s new demand. Course curriculum and course labs are designed based on experiential learning and exposes latest knowledge in the respective field. I particularly loved my course works and my graduate advisor, Dr. Kim. Any and all support was provided to help me overpower the obstacle. My professors always emphasized on critical reasoning, design of experiment, research and problem-solving attitude, which helped me a lot in my corporate work. I had positive feedback from them constantly to plan my next course of action to solve any problem. Another good thing about S&T is their diverse culture and participation opportunity for any student in multitude of student activity. S&T is located in Rolla, a quiet town with immense outdoor activity options that include fishing, hiking, camping etc. Enjoyed my time with Missouri S&T. (MS 2016, Emphasis area: Waves & Devices)

Joseph T. Case (Technical Staff, The Aerospace Corp.)
The university and, especially my advisor prepared me for scientific research work in the nondestructive evaluation community. At S&T, I was provided the technical and interpersonal skills to succeed. The coursework and lab work introduced skills and concepts that I would later use often in my employment. I also developed a proficiency in instrument control and data acquisition at the university, which is critical to understanding measurement, developing your own tools, and succeeding in a high-tech lab environment. (MS 2013 and PhD 2016, Emphasis area: Waves & Devices)

Chaitanya Naidu Tanna (Controls Engineer, Bastian Solutions, Inc.)
After working in IBM for a year following my undergraduation, I wanted to dive further into the aspects of electrical engineering. I hoped to find a place where the coarse structure keeps up with the everyday advancements in the industrial world while getting as much hands on experience as I can get. Missouri S&T offered me both things I was looking for, so I chose it.  As soon I started attending my classes at S&T I realized I made one of the best decisions of my life. The department offers a wide variety of courses from which one can design their program to learn and be the specialized engineer they want to be. I picked my courses to be an automation controls engineer. Courses like Advanced PLC, Network Security and Digital Image Processing gave me the ability to do my first job as a controls engineer intern at Honeywell Intelligrated, St. Louis, so efficiently that it got me a full-time offer at the same company. As a team member of Human Powered Vehicle Team (HPV) at Student Design Center, I learned what makes one an engineer. I learned team work, design aspects and skills which I thought I would never learn. I made friendships with engineers from different streams which I still cherish. I have worked at Honeywell Intelligrated as a controls engineer during 2013-2018. Currently I am working as Controls Engineer in Bastian Solutions, St. Louis. Even today I am using the skills that I learned at S&T, both at work and home. (MS 2013, Emphasis area: Controls & Systems)

Siddharth Singh (Firmware Developer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.)
I am an S&T Alumni currently working in Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories as Firmware Developer. Previously I worked at Interdigital communication as Embedded Software Developer. The main reason for me to choose S&T is the great faculty here. It was an honor to learn from them. The courses they offered have been important to me in my professional life, be it an Automation course or an Embedded System. The knowledge and experience I gained here has played a crucial part in my performance in the outside world. (MS 2017, Emphasis area: Controls & Systems)

Amir Saad (Lead Developer, Fluence Energy LLC)
Missouri University of Science and Technology is one the best engineering schools in the USA and the MSEE program is just fantastic. The program offers a variety of Electrical Engineering specializations. I spent the best two years of my academic life in this university in the power engineering area. It added a lot of knowledge and confidence to my engineering career. It opened the doors to a bright future when I joined Caterpillar Inc. after my graduation as Power Electronics and Control Engineer. Currently, I work at Fluence Energy LLC, A Siemens and AES Company, as Lead Energy Storage Controls Developer. If you're excited about having a great future in Electrical Engineering, Missouri S&T should be your number one option. (MS 2012, Emphasis area: Power & Energy)

Altamash Mukhtar Fakki (Associate Senior Software Engineer, Cerner Corp.)
My words will never end if I start listing the positive sides of Missouri S&T. To keep it short, I will emphasize on those points which I will never forget. We have a good faculty and many research opportunities in ECE department in different areas with the flexibility to enroll in many courses, which made me realize how productive I can be. The research labs are also up-to-date with latest machines and tools. It was my pleasure to work in Material Research Center lab and explore the device fabrication, performing research experiments for my thesis. I have benefited from teaching and research skills of the whole staffs and especially my advisor, Dr. Chang-Soo Kim. I always enjoy working for the community, and I was lucky to have a beautiful community close to university and Islamic Center of Rolla Missouri (ICRM) in walking distance from campus. SUB (Student union board) is very active, I won't forget those nights watching movies in a big hall with a group with free snacks. Being located in a university town, the living cost is pretty affordable. I was able to cover a part of my fees with the help of Graduate Research Assistantship. It was a dream come true to attend a career fair with more than 250 companies (50+ hiring International). The average package for S&T graduates falls under decent paid salary in Missouri. So it is worth of investment at S&T. Last but not the least, university campus and close by areas are very secure, especially for International students. (MS 2015, Emphasis area: Waves & Devices)

Ankita Samal (Electrical Engineer 1, Honeywell Intelligrated)
I pursued my Master degree from Missouri University of Science and Technology in Electrical Engineering from August 2013 - May 2015. I joined Honeywell Intelligrated as Electrical and Controls Support Engineer in August 2015. In my job role, I was working on developing new PLC codes for sortation systems and commission the systems using PLCs. During my graduate studies in Missouri S&T, I got an opportunity to pursue the introductory certification course for PLC given by Dr. Erickson, followed by the advanced PLC coursework in my third semester. Both of those courses, along with my interest towards PLCs, helped me answer most of the interview questions. The advanced PLC coursework really helped me develop PLC codes for the tasks required in my position. To diversify my skills, I moved to the Electrical Department in the second year of my job as Electrical Engineer 1, but the knowledge that I have gained during the coursework helps me develop and understand PLC panels even today. With the increasing demand in automation industries I feel the PLC course provided at Missouri S&T by Dr. Erickson is a great help in getting a better understanding of industries and their applications. I chose S&T as it is a world-renowned university with a great world ranking, along with its vast coursework in Electrical Engineering. MS degree in Electrical Engineering from S&T has helped me enhance my career and develop skills in PLCs and power engineering. (MS 2015, Emphasis area: Controls & Systems)

Mojtaba Fallahpour (RF Application Engineer, ANSYS, Inc.)
Missouri S&T is located in Rolla, MO, a small but peaceful city with a rich nature. It offers opportunity for outdoor activities as well as exploring nearby big cities such as St Louis, Chicago, and Kansas City. Missouri S&T is a prestigious school and well-recognized in academia and industry. Professors and staff are educated, friendly, and helpful. The offered courses are also up-to-date and aligned with the industrial needs. Well-equipped laboratories with lots of measurement instruments and devices is a big plus for the school. Missouri S&T’s research groups keep a close collaboration with industry, specifically hi-tech companies. Hence, students have the chance to do internships in these companies while working on their degree and easily be employed at one of these companies after their graduations. Moreover, there are high-quality research groups at Missouri S&T working on diverse state-of-the art topics giving the students options to choose between them. These all together were my reasons to join Missouri S&T and complete my degree at this great school. Studying at Missouri S&T helped me to explore new things, broaden my horizon, learn, and develop new sets of skills. It put me in a position that after graduation, I had several job offers from big high-tech companies and also I had the opportunity to continue as a postdoctoral researcher in other top universities including Stanford and UIUC. (PhD 2013, Emphasis area: Waves & Devices)