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Past CpE & EE Qualifying Exam problems


Spring 2012   CpE    morning         afternoon

EE     morning         afternoon

Fall 2011        CpE    morningĀ           afternoon

                       EE    morning         afternoon

Spring 2011    CpE    morning          afternoon

                       EE    morning          afternoon

Fall 2010        CpE    morning          afternoon  

                      EE     morning          afternoon

Spring 2010    CpE   morning           afternoon   

                      EE     morning          afternoon

Fall 2009        CpE     morning          afternoon

                      EE     morning          afternoon

Spring 2009    CpE    morning          afternoon

                       EE    morning          afternoon

Fall 2008        CpE    morning          afternoon

                       EE    morning          afternoon

Spring 2007    CpE    morning          afternoon

                        EE    morning          afternoon

Fall 2006        CpE    morning and afternoon

                        EE    ‌

Spring 2006    CpE    morning          afternoon

                        EE    morning          afternoon

Fall 2005        CpE    morning and afternoon

                        EE    morning and afternoon

Fall 2004        CpE & EE    ‌


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