Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering is an advisory group composed of alumni and other electrical and computer engineers who have made outstanding contributions to their profession. The Academy, established in 1980, serves as an advisory group to the department.

Interested in joining the Academy, or know someone that is? Review the bylaws and complete a nomination form. A complete list of current members can be found in our membership directory, which can be viewed either alphabetically or by graduation year.

2013-14 officers (2-year terms)




Roger Volk (term to expire 2015)

George Schindler (term to expire 2015)

James Leonard (term to expire 2015)

Board of directors (3-year terms)

Jim Fricke (term to expire 2014)

Russell Monie (term to expire 2014)

Mark Fehlig (term to expire 2015)

Michael Perry (term to expire 2015)

Eric Aschinger (term to expire 2016)

David McNabb (term to expire 2016)

Nomination committee (3 members, including chair)

Jim Fricke, chair

Lloyd Brunkhorst

Thomas Sweeney

Membership committee (5 members, including chair)

Michael Perry, chair

Duane Highley

Keith Stanek

Paul Stigall

Ronald Willoughby