Electrical and Computer Engineering Laboratories


Introduction to Computer Engineering


Fall 2014 TA/Teaching Assistant List


CpE 2211/112 Computer Engineering Lab

Safety Lab Manual


    A  FPGA Board I/Os:  Switches, LEDs, and 7-Segment Displays

    B  Sample Schematic Diagram

    C  Specification Sheets for Common Chips


     1   Laboratory Equipment  

    2   Schematic Capture and Logic Simulation (EDA-1)

    3   Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays and Logic

    4   Seven Segment Decoder Design

    5   Hardware Verification of Seven Segment Decoder

    6   SSI Combinational Logic Design:  A Multi-Function Gate

    7   Hierarchical Design of a Four Bit Adder (EDA-2)

    8   Design and Simulation of a 4-Bit Ripple-Carry Adder Using Four Full Adders in VHDL

    9   Random Access Memory for Combinational Logic

   10 & 11   Registered ALU Design

   12 General Sequence Counter

   13  SSI Sequential Logic Design:  General Sequence Counter


CpE 3151/214 Digital Engineering Lab II

Safety Lab Manual


     A Using Schematic Capture with Altera Quartus-II

     B   Binary to Seven Segment Decoder

     C   Using Keil Micro-vision Software

     D   ALTERA – DE2 User Manual

     E   HD44780U (LCD-II)

     F   The Simon Board


    1 Design of 8-bit Latch using Altera Quartus-II Software

    2 Hardware/Software Co-design with the Wimp51

    3 Implementing Functions with the Simon Board

    4 Interfacing the 8051 with 16-bit Address-Latched External Devices

    5 Using Random Access Memory with the 8051

    6 Interfacing a Hitachi LCD Controller with the 8051

    7 Interfacing an 8051 with the WM8731 Audio Chipset

    8 Serial Communication with the Simon Board  

Procedure for creating your ROM module for your C/ASM Code  


EE 2201/122 Electronic Devices Lab

Safety Lab Manual


     1 Experiment Introduction to MATLAB Simulink and Simulink Resistor Simulations v

     2 Experiment PLECS RC RL and RLC Simulations v1

     3 Experiment Using PLECS to Simulation Diode Circuits v1n Diode Circuits v1

     4 Experiment Examining the Characteristics of Diodes

     5 Experiment Characteristics of Bipolar Junction Transistors

     ‌6 Experiment Characteristics and Use of Field Effect Transistors for Digital App

     ‌7 Experiment Properties of the Operational Amplifier

     8 Experiment Introduction to Filters - v1

Project manual


Project Simulation


EE 2101/152 Circuit Analysis Lab

Introduction – Safety Lab Manual , Laboratory Notebook FormatFormal Report Format


    1 Electronic Meters

   3 Resistive Networks and Computational Analysis

    4 Wheatstone Bridge

    5 Basic Oscilloscope Operations

    6 Measuring Capacitors

    7 RMS and Average Values

    8 Capacitor Current-Voltage Relationship

    9 Inductor Current-Voltage Relationship

  10 Transient Voltage Using PSpice


EE 3501/208  Electromechanics Lab

Safety Lab Manual

Lab Equipment


    1    Single- and Three-Phase Power Measurements

    2    “Black Box” Inductor Modeling  

    3    Single-Phase Transformers

    4    Three-Phase Transformers

    5 - Simulation of the Electromagnetic Solenoid Using Matlab Simulink

    6    Synchronous Machine Parameter Measurement

    7    Synchronous Generator Line Synchronization

    ‌8 Synchronous Motor V-Curves

    9 Induction Motor Parameter Measurement

   10 Induction Motor Performance

   11 Induction Motor Drive Performance

   12    Permanent Magnet DC Machine Simulation in MATLAB Simulink


EE 3541/209  Power System Design & Analysis Lab

Safety Lab Manual

G-12 Equipment


     1   Introduction to CLC MATLAB Material

     2 Power World Simulator Software; Three-Phase Power; Power Factor Correction

     3   Single- and Three-Phase Power Measurements

     4   Single Phase Transformers

     5   Three Phase Transformers

     6   Per Unit Calculations, Impedance Diagrams

     7   Synchronous Motor V-Curves

     8   Synchronous Generator Line Synchronization

     9, 10 & 11 “Design With Power Flow” Project and Formal Report

   12 Transmission line Voltage regulation 

   13 Buck-Boost Phase shift transformer

   14   Symmetrical Short Circuit Fault Calculation


EE 3411/216 Discrete Linear Systems Lab





     1    MATLAB Structure and Use

     2    Continuous-Time Signal and System Models and Characteristics

     3    Superposition Integral Evaluation (Convolution Evaluation)

     4    Amplitude and Phase Spectra Bandwidth

     5    Spectra of Periodic Signals

     6    Spectra of Aperiodic Energy Signals

     7    Frequency Response

     8    Bode Plots of Frequency Response

     9    Ideal Filters

   10    Communications Signals and Systems

   11 The Laplace Transform and Control System Characteristics


EE 3401/218  Continuous Linear Systems Lab

Safety Lab Manual


    1    Signal, Spectrum and Auditory Perception

    2    Harmonic Distortion

    3    Spectrum of Noisy Signals

    4    Spectrum of Voice and Data Signals

    5    Spectrum of Random Data Signals

    6    High-Pass Filter Frequency Response

    7    AM Modulation

 Semester Project  


EE 3101/255 Electronics I Lab

Safety Lab Manual


    1   Resonant Circuits

    2   Power Supply Design Considerations

    3   The Series-Pass Voltage Regulator

    4   Transistor Bias Design and Stability

    5   BJT Amplifier Design and Analysis

    6   Applications of Transistor Switches

    ALD1103:  Dual N-Channel and Dual P-Channel Matched MOSFET Pair

    8   Applications of Operational Amplifiers

    9   Applications of IC Building Blocks