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Missouri University of Science and Technology

Cadence University Program Member

Cadence is a software company that provides a wide variety of software for high-end computer-aided design of electronic systems.  The Cadence Custom IC package is being used in the following classes to teach design and analysis of ICs:  

         CpE 311:      Introduction to VLSI Design - Development and analysis of simple VLSI structures:   Schematic capture, simulation, layout, DRC, parasitic extraction, LVS 

         CpE 411:      Advanced VLSI Design

         CpE 409:      VLSI Design Automation

Basic tutorials for using Cadence can be found at 

Inquiries regarding the contents of this site should be directed to: 

     Dr. Daryl Beetner at

This webpage contains only Cadence-related information.  Information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.  No statement is made and no attempt has been made to examine the information, either with respect to operability, origin, authorship, or otherwise.  Please use this information at your own risk.  We recommend using it on a copy of your data to be sure you understand what it does under your conditions.  Keep your master intact until you are satisfied with the use of this information within your environment.

Cadence is a registered trademark of:

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
2655 Seely Avenue
San Jose, CA 95134

Updated on 01/15/2014

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